This Page Will Make You Sexy

Getting in shape is totally hard and complicated, right?

You have to eat some super special weird way, use retarded “points” systems, buy overpriced, shitty tasting foods branded by the current fad diet…

All to end up where you started, right?

Fuck. That.

Forget all that ridiculous nonsense.

Looking good is actually super simple, and easy.

I’m going to share the biggest “secret” of the weight loss industry, for free, because it’s too short to package as a book and sell.

Are you ready for it?

Losing Weight Will Kind Of Suck…

Now, it isn’t because you have to bust your ass constantly in the gym.

In fact, lots of exercise can be counter productive to weight loss (more on this later).


It’s because that no matter what some diet program is telling you, the simple fact of the mater is this:

You WILL feel hungry at times.

Have you ever wondered why diet programs, in all those hugely long sale’s pitches constantly claim they’ve found the “magic bullet” so to speak?

They found some kind of “secret loophole“, where if you eat THIS food at THIS time, your body will do some kind of crazy, voodoo blood-magic and “melt” away your fat?

It’s because people are AFRAID of hunger.

We’ve been taught our whole lives that “starvation mode” is just around the corner, and that if we aren’t constantly eating every 2 hours that we’ll hold on to all of our fat!


Well, partially.

Starvation mode is a real thing, technically.

But it only slows down your metabolism after SEVENTY-TWO HOURS of NO FOOD INTAKE.

Wow!  Better eat every 2 hours now!  Wouldn’t want to STARVE.

Can you see how much damage marketers have done to the fitness industry?

The Real Truth About Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Eat less, move more“.

While that works too, that statement is still too over complicated!

You don’t even need to move more!

The plain simple truth is this:

Calories are all that matter for weight loss

Yes, it really is that simple, and I’m NOT talking about starving yourself.

So What About…?


Carbs don’t matter.

Fat doesn’t matter.

Alcohol doesn’t matter.

Food XYZ doesn’t matter.

You don’t need to live off of salads.

You don’t have to give up anything you love.

None of that shit matters for weight loss.

Just a Caloric Deficit

What you eat definitely impacts health, but weight loss and health aren’t mutually inclusive.  They’re completely independent from each other.

Weight loss really is as simple as eating a caloric deficit long enough to lose the amount of weight you want to lose, despite what other sites and articles will tell you.

But most people still don’t like feeling hunger, or discomfort.

What’s worse, is that on a caloric deficit you’re stuck eating small, unsatisfying meals, constantly feeling deprived, because you think you need to eat every 3-4 hours.

It sucks away at your will power DAILY.

And it’s why most diets, even ones only based on calories like I’ve stated FAIL.

The problem is that we only have a limited amount of will power.

We’re only human.

So the last “secret” to fat loss is making the process as enjoyable, and as close to “normal” eating as possible to make it sustainable.

Without the process being enjoyable, it cannot be sustainable.

How Do We Make Fat Loss Enjoyable?

What if there was a way to still eat bigfilling meals that left you satisfied, and full, while still losing fat?

No, I’m not talking about eating pounds of bland, tasteless food that happen to be low in calories.

I’m talking realnormaltasty food.

“You’re starting to sound like all of the marketers you ridiculed earlier in this article”, I can hear you thinking it.


You should be skeptical, because it does sound too good to be true.

But I’m not about to give you a sale’s pitch.

Let me introduce something called intermittent fasting.

It’s a kind of “biohack” (I know, I know, bare with me) that basically puts all of the hunger you’d have to feel throughout the day into one short period of time, so you can eat like a king the rest of the day while still losing fat.

Not only that, but it’s actually GOOD for you!

So How Do You Do Intermittent Fasting?

Skip breakfast.

That’s it.

This means that from the time you go to sleep, until your usual lunch time, you’ll have been fasting for ~16 hours.

It’s that simple.

This lets us eat large, super satisfying meals for lunch and dinner, and makes it feel like we’re not even trying to lose weight.  It makes staying in a caloric deficit a non-issue, and makes the process so much easier.

And hunger?  Here’s the truth about hunger.

When you’re hungry the feeling doesn’t build, and build, and build.  It sticks around for a short time, then goes away – usually for about 10-20 minutes at the most.

Hunger isn’t a distress signal.  It’s just the body signalling that you aren’t eating enough to maintain its current size.  Hunger isn’t dangerous.  Hunger isn’t bad.  Hunger is a natural feeling.  If you’re overweight, there’s nothing wrong with hunger.

And once you’ve done IF via skipping breakfast for about a week, the hunger pangs are much less severe, and much less frequent.  Then it’s weight loss on easy mode.

Now, do you need to do intermittent fasting to lose weight?

Of course not!

It’s just something I find makes the process easier and more sustainable.  If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, then don’t do it!  It’s just a tool to make it easier, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

Remember: All you need to lose weight is a caloric deficit.

Speaking of…

So How Many Calories Do I Need?

Use this tool to calculate your TDEE.

Your TDEE is how many calories your body needs to maintain its weight.

Take your TDEE and multiply it by 0.75.

This will subtract 25%.

This is how many calories you’ll need to eat daily to lose weight.

Recalculate every 5 pounds lost.

If you’re feeling lethargic, having problems focusing, are highly irritable, emotional, or just plain “dragged out”, then recalculate by multiplying by 0.80, or 0.85 instead.

You’re not going to feel peppy and full of energy eating any kind of caloric deficit, but the above symptoms mean you’re eating far too little, which isn’t sustainable.

I don’t recommend going below a 25% deficit.  Unless you are life threateningly overweight by a hundred plus pounds, even then though, sustainably sticking to it and getting to a healthy body weight will be more beneficial than losing 20 or so pounds then quitting.

There’s just too many downsides to deficits higher than 25%.  This is the fastest “setting” for this.

Exercise Less While Dieting

This is the second biggest success barrier when it comes to losing fat.

Even if you’ve gotten all of the confusion about diets and calories out of the way, you’ve still got to do tons of monotonous cardio 5-7 times a week, right?


Cardio IS great for you physically, yes.

But when losing fat, you’re in a caloric deficit, so your body is already running on less than you have readily available in the form of food, right?

So why would it make sense to expend MORE energy when your body is already in short supply?

This is why cardio is such a soul crushing experience while dieting.

It’s the same problem as eating far too few calories in an attempt to lose more fat faster.

I’m not saying don’t do cardio.  Or that it’s bad for you.  Cardio is great for you, and will vastly improve your health and well being (just get cleared by a doctor first!).

I’m just saying that it isn’t needed to lose weight.

The Best Exercise While Losing Fat

Since we’re not pumped full of extra calories, we need the most effective way to get as much out of exercise as possible.

Enter resistance training.

Resistance training builds strength.

Strength builds/tones muscle.

Muscle is what makes you look toned, and fit as your body fat comes down. It’s the difference between looking fit, and looking skinny fat – regardless of your gender.

If your goal is just to lose weight for health reasons, feel free to not workout.

If your goal is to look sexy naked, then resistance training is what you need.

The good news is, it only takes 20-30 minutes every other day, and doesn’t even require a gym membership.  Calisthenics – body weight exercises – are just as good.

Out of all of the programs I’ve done (most of which will work, it’s merely a matter of preference to be honest) I like the BarStarzz Program the most.

They focus on what matters most in a resistance training program: basic movements that work the most muscle possible, which creates a natural and proportional, lean, athletic looking body, rather than a disproportionate, unnatural looking physique people tend to get from a gym.

While the intro video looks intimidating, their program has progressions for the movements that allows even complete beginners to get stronger and build a better body.

I also prefer it over others because they cover nutrition as well, which is a HUGE factor when it comes to building muscle, and is beyond the scope of this article.

These guys have been on Youtube for years, and they offer incredible value for the price they ask.

But I’m a Girl!


Your hormones won’t allow you to bulk up like some she-hulk.

You aren’t going to spontaneously wake up jacked and masculine.

You WILL get some sexy legs, a nice ass, a tight stomach, perkier boobs, and a sleek back working out with resistance training, though.

Or you could just be a typical “cardio bunny” that runs for hours a week and looks the same as everyone else.

There You Have It

Eat a caloric deficit to lose fat.  Exercise is not directly responsible for fat loss.

Intermittent fasting can make a caloric deficit easier, but isn’t required.

Do resistance training to tone up your muscles, and look good naked as you lose fat.  My favorite program so far is the BarStarzz Program , but any program focusing on basic movements will do fine.

I wish you the best of luck my friend.


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